Dub Logic is a collective of four djs and producers with the same aspiration - widen their horizons open minded to any kind of deeper music. That motivation is what keeps Dub Logic running. we don't listen to music with our ears - we read it between the sines.




Boca hunor-lehel aka heatwave is a romanian dj & producer. His musical influence, especially his love for drum and bass music, lead him to found dub logic and joined aurora fm in 2012. After djing for several years, he started to produce his own music and developed his own style to a more experimental, yet minimal mood. His productions are unique, diverse and convinced labels like plush recordings, regression media, dnbb recordings and blackhill productions. He's been supported from artists like crypticz, thing, dominic ridgway, akinsa, silent witness & funckarma. Besides a lot of club shows he also attended different music festivals in romania and germany.



BRKN1 is a DJ and aspiring producer from Leipzig, Germany. He decided to step up to the wheels of steel during the heydays of early millenium DnB. Nowadays his favorite go-to selection is a blend of instrumental hip hop, beats, various slowfastica, plus a decent topping of drumfunky and crusty goodness. He likes to explore the grey areas and push the boundaries of what might work together, whilst still keeping in touch with his roots.

Ruffie pic.jpg


Ruffie aka füstös csaba is a dj & producer from romania. His sets are highly influenced by the sound of ink & loxy's horsemen crew and goldie's rufige crew. Although his sound is dominated by the styles already mentioned, you can expect some funkier beats or even the flow of the 90s hip hop. Ruffie started to release his own material in 2013, which got support from artists like gremlinz, paragon, thing, code (subtle audio), eastcolors, mzine, lethal, fuj, enorme and more.



[tbats] aka the boy and the sine is a german producer and dj. As a past member of several hardcore / metal bands he switched his style in 2013 and started making electronic music. within 3 years he released 8 eps & full lenghts independent. In 2016 he started djing and joined the “basslaster” crew. After a split up of the crew he joined dub logic and developed his own style, influenced by artists like kryptic minds, distance, burial & delete. His livesets include everything from ambient over future garage to techno and dubstep to drum and bass, always in the dimmest mood possible.