DLI #001 - Audite

Can you represent yourself in a couple words?
If you only want a couple words my dj name tells everything that is necessary - audite!

After all these years djing and digging dnb: What is it that still keeps it fresh & fascinating for you?
Beats, bass, energy, synergy and positive people.

How do you see the scene in leipzig?
Old and young promoters and djs work hand in hand and/or with respect towards each other mostly. That’s very good and most of the promoters/djs present quality music. Leipzig was and is an open minded and multi-faceted city. I love this diversity.

What exactly is boundless beatz?
Event series, label, podcast series and sometimes a radio show.

What was the biggest challenge about starting a label?
Bureaucracy and promotion and it’s still.

Are you interested in producing?
Yes, I have been and I’m still interested but I got no time and patience for it.

What is your favorite style of Music that you love to listen to outside of dnb & break / bass related stuff?
Nearly every kind with the exception of bullshit. Depends on mood and setting.

How did you approach the podcast for us?
I wanted to take the people on a journey thru the deep and dark halftime cosmos.

Your goals for the future?
Staying sane and healthy.