DLI #002 - EAIA

Can you represent yourself in a couple words?
I am a loving person. A lot of people might describe me as a pessimistic, but is actually more overcaring if love is spread enough in my environment. In my mind I am kind of a naked warrior sometimes. Seems strong in his fights...but still he dies, getting stabbed being asleep without his armor.

When you're producing music, what do you think, which part of you is more present in your work? If someone hear your music for the first time, he can hear that loving person or more the naked warrior who is strong but still dies?
Actually i can only hope, that it is the loving person. I don't like the death of warriors...I don't like when myths end. But i also think, you might actually need good googles to find it. I covered it all under a lot of fog. but this is actually to distract the lazy people.

When did you start to produce music and what was your motivation?
I started in the end of 2004, I guess. I got more into it every day. I was playing in several bands in that time, too... Often in 3 or 4 at a time, but it turned out, that my mates slowly but steady always put the creative part on me... Even if I was in that band "only" to play. Learning more and more, that i can finally put together Sigur Ros and Modeselektor I got stuck with producing more and more and bands were done over the time and i do not regret it. Sometimes I still think of slapping my bass in triple time to the rest of the guys, but i am happy where i am now.
I have always been autodidactic and I did a lot of things wrong. I still do today, but a good friend of mine spend a lot of time discussing with me. He got interessted into synths... I got interested in mixing/mastering. Win - Win, I guess.

You mentioned Modeselektor and Sigur Ros. I really love the music they make. Can you tell us, which bands/solo artists are your biggest inspiration?
I don't have artists I would say, that they are my "inspiration". Actually I have a personal muse capable of making me channeling things. A person that turned me away from a lot of evil things, but if we have to talk about artists... If I get stuck in my mind i kind of have the ritual to listen to "3 LIBRAS" by "A Perfect Circle". It really works with me. It is not only liking it, it just hands me out ideas on a silver plate sometimes and if we wanna talk about idols: Bowie, Beth Gibbons, Karin Dreijer, Frahm and maybe movie soundtracks.
At the moment I am pretty much into SEVDALIZA...a moment that is like over a year now.

What is you basic studio setup? Are you using any hardware?
Actually I don't have that big setup...some KRK5, my CODE 49 and some proper headphones. Don't get me wrong, I am really interested in having a studio with 5000 analog machines like my own crazy laboratory, but if you look at it realistic, the setup i have is actually enough to do most of the job i want. Just use it! It would be more wrong to spend 30.000 € and still putting the limiter on +30 db. I hope you get what i mean.

Sure! Actually I'm that person also, who likes to work with less stuff and more effective. What is your procedure when starting a new project? Do you go with drums first or melody / harmonies? Or is it more like go with the flow and different everytime?
Mostly it starts with a piano, I guess. Also often with just opening a synth and spending way too much time with one silly knob, so i forgot what i actually wanted...But hey! This knob looks cool, too!

Are you interested in making collabs with other artists in the future?
I am always interested. I also like to do things that have nothing to do with my usual business, but I am kind of too scared sometimes to ask the people i like, but i kind of overcome that day by day. A problem with being autoditactic is that you know that you do things wrong, but actually there shouldn't be any insecurity as long as you progress. I just sometimes forget that...so if you want any advice: don't be scared of your own capacity. Be smarter than i am! But i don't have anything special hiding in my box. There is one guy i would always start to work with immediately...if he calls me 3 am and says "collab album - 364 minutes long - only reverb" I would start to run to him. I just love this guy, even if he thinks i have a lack of "and the sine" in my name.

This "and the sine" was sooo telling :)) Hope you guys will have some collabs in the future! Until now you mainly released your tunes in bandcamp. Are you interested in releasing more music in labels at the future?
I have set up some things already. There will be 2 more things until autumn, they might be not the things you expect, but to me some decisions were made to evolve and these decisions feel right at the moment.

These are some big news man. Looking forward to hear your new stuff! What do you think about the record labels?
I experienced a time where having a label meant "making it" and I also experience a time now where you almost think it is not worth anything anymore. But I still like labels.
Actually I don't even care about the big "breakthrough" thing a contract meant. I am more concerned people lose touch to music and art itself. The way we consume it is so easy and accessible, but i takes away our decisions to give ourselves the time to enjoy a band and wait for their next release and get disappointed. Because this are great moments where you get the message that things change. It may sound silly romantic, but there was a time when you didn't skip what you don't like on a pre-made playlist... It was different cause you walked to that damn store and left your money there, so you better hear it til the end. Labels create identification somehow, but I am afraid we don't take the time anymore to let this get through to us.

Are you interested in Dj-ing?
For a long time I said, that this is a thing I would never do in my life, but then a few months ago I must have been fallen asleep, and my feet where just moving. I said "No! You said you never do this", but then my feet brought me to a store and my hands must have been planning with them somehow, because they grabbed in my pocket for some money.
Then my feet took me back home and when I woke up I was standing in front of a screen with 2 decks on it. I don't know how this happened. So I guess, this could be a YES!

That sounds promising man! Looking forward to hear a set from you at a party! Which are your goals for the future?
I would like to say something special now. That I try to take over a scene and become super big, but my answer is: my goal is progress.
Progress is everything: progress as a DJ and producer, soundwise, arrangementwise. I just don't want to rest or get pulled down by some demons i bear. If i can keep that up i am happy.


DLI #001 - Audite

Can you represent yourself in a couple words?
If you only want a couple words my dj name tells everything that is necessary - audite!

After all these years djing and digging dnb: What is it that still keeps it fresh & fascinating for you?
Beats, bass, energy, synergy and positive people.

How do you see the scene in leipzig?
Old and young promoters and djs work hand in hand and/or with respect towards each other mostly. That’s very good and most of the promoters/djs present quality music. Leipzig was and is an open minded and multi-faceted city. I love this diversity.

What exactly is boundless beatz?
Event series, label, podcast series and sometimes a radio show.

What was the biggest challenge about starting a label?
Bureaucracy and promotion and it’s still.

Are you interested in producing?
Yes, I have been and I’m still interested but I got no time and patience for it.

What is your favorite style of Music that you love to listen to outside of dnb & break / bass related stuff?
Nearly every kind with the exception of bullshit. Depends on mood and setting.

How did you approach the podcast for us?
I wanted to take the people on a journey thru the deep and dark halftime cosmos.

Your goals for the future?
Staying sane and healthy.